• Illustration for Dane View Care Home in Leicester City

    Dane View Care Home

    Dane View Care Home have a beautiful landscaped garden and orchid. They invite pupils from a local primary school in to spend time with the residents. Fruit from the orchid provides food for these activities, and the large chapel on site will be used to bring people together to share food.
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  • Illustration for Active Wellbeing Society in Birmingham

    The Active Wellbeing Society

    The Active Wellbeing Society aim to bring people together to take part in fun, free activities that will help them to feel a sense of belonging and community. They will run weekly workshops across their community kitchens to bring together young people, older adults and young families.
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  • Illustration for Bread in Common in Stoke on Trent

    Bread in Common

    Bread in Common is a community-led real bread bakery. They run a pop-up café and deliver community meals using waste food and a number of communities, school and young people’s projects combining workshops around bread and cooking with the arts.
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  • Illustration for Sycamore Dining in Nottingham

    Sycamore Dining

    Sycamore Dining brings people together to socialise over an affordable meal. Their customers are predominantly from independent living communities for the elderly. With Get Togethers, they will increase the diversity of the people using their social dining service through involvement in social prescribing.
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  • Illustration for The Hothouse in Walsall

    The Hothouse

    The Hothouse is a Church of England project that benefits communities by offering one to one support. They also facilitate weekly intergenerational activities so people of different ages can all learn from each other. Through cooking activities they will raise awareness of how food can build a sense of community.
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