My Food Community

A network for good food champions to learn, connect and take action.

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What is My Food Community?

My Food Community is all about ‘championing good food’ in the community - food that’s good for climate, nature and health.

My Food Community focuses on learning and personal development, connecting with others and the wider good food movement.

It is designed to inspire and support members to:

  1. Build knowledge: learning together and individually, with access to resources
  2. Connect with others who champion good food: in your community and across the UK
  3.  Develop leadership skills: To take action and lead positive change for good food in your community

It's free to take part.

Who is My Food Community for?

My Food Community is for anyone who champions food that is good for people and the planet.

My Food Community is open to professionals, formal or informal volunteers from across the UK who want to make a difference with others in their community, taking action around good food.

This could mean anything from:

  • organising activities that bring people together around good food (like growing, cooking, and sharing food)
  • campaigning to improve the lives of people in your community and their experience of food

You might be involved in a food distribution group, manage a local food bank or organise a community fridge.

Where does My Food Community Work?

My Food Community Projects

My Food Community projects are happening all across the UK. We’re proud to have members from Belfast to Bury, from Swansea to Stockport.

My Food Community takes place mainly online. This helps bring people from across the UK together. But the group does meet in person too, which is enjoyed by all!

Who do we work with?

We are working with our national partners and Koreo – a learning consultancy specialising in leadership for social change – to bring My Food Community to you.

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