Cook and Share Grants Research

UWE explored the success of grant giving in the Get Togethers programme

How can small grant giving build the good food movement?

The University of the West of England (UWE) have been commissioned to evaluate the Food for Life Get Togethers (FFLGT) programme.

They have explored how Cook and Share small grants have helped to build community capacity and promote the value of good food. Download the short or long version of the report below.

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    Long report

    Methodology, findings and case studies

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    Short Report

    Summarises the key findings of the research

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The report asked: 

“What forms of capacity building are created through the FFLGT grants?”  

“To what extent has participation in the FFLGT programme helped promote community-based action on agendas for ‘good food’?"


92% of organisers felt their event had improved the quality of life of participants. 

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