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Plant and Share returns in April 2024. Explore the brand new toolkit now!

Plant and Share 2024

Plant and Share is returning for spring 2024! You can register now to stay up to date with further information and new resources.

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Plant and Share 2024 Toolkit

This year Plant and Share will run from 1st - 30th April with even more ideas added into our much-loved themed weeks. Whether you’re brand-new to growing or a more experienced gardener looking for some new ideas, our toolkit is full of inspiration to ensure anyone can get growing.

Week One: 1st – 7th April – Growing for All

Plant and Share is about ensuring that growing your own food is as easy and accessible for everyone, from first time growers to community organisers, whether you're growing in an outdoor space, or windowsill, we've got you covered.

Week Two: 8th - 14th April – Growing to Eat

With rising food costs, growing food can be a simple and fun way to enjoy good food. Whether you're growing tomatoes on your windowsill, or strawberries in an old container, there's a host of great resources to help.

Week Three: 15th – 21st April - Growing for Joy

Getting out in the garden can do wonders for your wellbeing. Whether it's growing beautiful plants to bring colour and wildlife to your backyard or vegetable patch, getting crafty in the garden, or simply nurturing a plant through its lifecycle, there are an abundance of positives to growing and reconnecting to nature's rhythms.

Week Four: 22nd – 30th April – Growing for Nature

Bees, bugs and other wildlife are nature's superheroes, helping produce the food we eat. Planting some nature-friendly plants is a great way to do your bit for these mighty guardians of growing.Β 

Plant and Share 2024 Toolkit

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