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Try something new for World Food Day

16th October 2020

Three young people sitting together, one measuring out flour

World Food Day

Food for Life Get Togethers are all about bringing people together using the power of good food.

This year, World Food Day is calling for action to make healthy and sustainable diets affordable and accessible to everyone. It's is an ideal opportunity to get together and enjoy some good, nutritious food. 

There’s no strict recipe to what a World Food Day Get Together can be. It could be anything from ‘bring a dish’ where people bring a plate of food from around the world, to a curry cook off! 

Why not try something new for World Food Day?

  • Sign up now and get your social bubble or neighbours involved
  • Use our carrot and spinach recipes for cooking inspiration
  • Sign up to our Cookalong with community cook Negat Hussain
  • Take a look at our World Food Day Hamper of activities to inspire your Get Togethers group - these work for virtually or in-person Get Togethers


How to get started:

1. Register today to receive your activity pack and get started

2. Get organising with some of our top tips for activities, inspiration and support

3. Send out invites to your community and wait for the RSVPs to roll in!


Let's put an end to lonely mealtimes.

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