Communities across the country are getting together to Cook and Share

Communities across the country are getting together to Cook and Share

It’s nearly time to get together and make, bake and celebrate – Cook and Share is all about making connections, having fun and learning about good food.


If you are part of a community group, holiday club or just a busy parent looking for fun activities, hints, tips and low-cost recipes, we have a bumper set of free resources ready to be downloaded.


It is completely free to register an event or activity and any group can get involved. If you register, you’ll get to hear about all our other activities such as Celebrate and Share and Plant and Share.


Maybe you took part in Plant and Share earlier in the year in your community, and you want to bring your group back together to cook some of what you grew together? We have lots of recipes you could use to either cook a soup to share or have a cook along together.


We have also created resources to help you run sessions in your community this autumn. Kicking-off from 30th October, week one is all about Cooking for People. We have a whole range of tried-and-tested recipes ready to use, including a sumptuous sausage hotpot or super simple garlic pinwheels.


Week two’s theme is Cooking for Pleasure. Whether it’s sharing cooking skills and food memories or enjoying a warm fruit crumble on a chilly night, preparing and eating food can bring joy in so many ways. This week is all about connecting with others and sharing experiences and culture through cooking.


Week three focuses on Cooking for the Planet as we think about how food can have a positive impact on the planet by looking at seasonality, locally grown and organic ingredients as well as how volunteering can be a great way to cook and share with your community, school or loved ones.


The final week is Cooking for Pleasure. With costs rising across the board, this week we pull out some store cupboard showstoppers, speedy staples and simple nutritious recipes to cook creatively on a budget.


Whatever you get up to this Cook and Share month we would love to hear about and see your events. Email or tag us on social media @SAFoodforLife


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