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Our Events

Join in our national campaigns or run your own event to celebrate your community any time the suits you.  

Annual Campaigns:

Cook & Share and Plant & Share campaigns were launched to promote growing, cooking and sharing events to bring people together from a range of backgrounds and communities.

Since launching in 2021 the campaigns have substantially grown and reach out far wide, including communities, individuals, families, schools, and early years settings.

The campaigns are simple in their mission to bring people together through planting, cooking and sharing together. They are easy and accessible to get involved in no matter what you’re looking for, from simply downloading one of the many themed resources for inspiration for an event or activity, to ideas and ‘how to’ guides on running your own community event, there is something for everyone and every group whether big or small, experienced or new to cooking or growing.

Plant & Share

Taking place throughout the spring, Plant and Share is all about growing and sharing that love of growing, or produce of growing with friends, family, classmates, teachers, community groups or even someone you've never met before but shares an interest.

Running for a month throughout April – May, in 2023 we had an estimated 46,000 people attend a plant and share event across the country, with the highest registrations we’d ever seen across a vast selection of areas, from community gardens, to library’s with apiary, to community groups growing food from African heritage in Birmingham and cardiff, and the many schools and early years settings who took over their garden spaces with their grandparents, for Grandparent Gardening Week.

Cook & Share

Our autumnal campaign that aims to bring people together in a feast of cooking and share activities for when the nights are drawing in from October – November.

With a mission to make the most of produce harvested from springtime plant and share events, or just to help with ideas on what to do with the leftover Halloween pumpkin, or delicious and nutritious autumnal recipes on a budget, the free to download resources and activity packs are for everyone to enjoy.

More details on Cook and Share 2023

Universal Free School Meals – Just Say Yes

As Food for Life we believe that every child should have access to have a healthy and sustainable meal every day, yet there are approximately 800,000 children in England who live in poverty yet don’t qualify for Free School Meals. We have joined Sustain in their Just Say Yes campaign to call on the government to do more to support these families.

More about our support for universal free school meals

Ultra Processed Foods

As part of our mission to promote healthy and sustainable diets across the nation, we have been supporting our colleagues in the Soil Association in their Ultra Processed Foods campaign to help raise awareness of the damage that can be caused by these stealth foods. In a nation where 65% of our children’s diets, and over 50% of our shopping baskets it is vital that we understand what they are and if, how we avoid them.

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