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There are lots of ways to make your Get Together the best it can be, getting everyone involved and keeping everyone safe. We have resources and tips for growing activities, cooking activities and sharing activities. 


  1. Linking Generations Through Food

    Discover how Linking Generations Northern Ireland brought different generations together through the power of food and technology.
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    Get Sharing

    Help your communities get together with good, healthy food.
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    Building Effective Partnerships

    We’ve teamed up with The Active Wellbeing Society to share this guide on how to build and sustain efficient partnerships across community food projects and beyond.
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  4. Five tips for fantastic film-making

    Watch our top tips from a filmmaker and video your Plant and Share journey!
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    Activity Pack

    Get inspired and spread the word about your activity with our bumper pack of useful tools.
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    What is good food?

    An easy guide to food that's good for you and good for the planet.
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    Top Tips for running Food for Life Get Togethers

    Expert advice from well-seasoned organisers.
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  8. Using Twitter: 10 Top Tips

    Tips for getting started with Twitter. Ideal for beginners.
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  9. Food and mood

    Find out more about the foods that directly affect our brain chemistry and nutrients that support our happy hormones.
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    World Food Day Hamper

    Interactive games to inspire food stories and sharing of knowledge.
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  11. Climate and nature-friendly sharing

    Tips on composting, recycling and more.
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Our Activity Pack

In this pack you’ll find promotional materials like posters and invitation cards. Use these to spread the word and bring as many people as possible to your Get Together.

People at farmers market illustration
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