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Thank you for joining our network of thousands coming together across the UK to sow, grow and share this April for Plant and Share 2024. 

The full toolkit of resources and activities will be released on 1st March, so please keep an eye on your emails and our social channels. 

For now, if you’d like to dream of warmer times pottering about in the garden, please watch our Joy of Planting and Sharing Together film to get your green fingers tingling.  

We have also released three early resources to help get the garden ready and to give a head start on the growing season: 

Growing Chillies 

As well as being a tasty addition to lots of dishes, chilies have a long season and benefit from lots of time to grow and ripen. This makes them ideal to grow from seed from February or to grow from plants from March onwards. 

Getting your Garden Ready 

After a long, quiet winter it can be tricky to know where to start with getting your garden springtime ready. This resource will guide you through the basics to get you growing this spring, from equipment that can be sourced at home to simple ways to get your soil ready for the growing season. 

Seed Swaps 

Seed swaps are events that bring people together to exchange seeds, promote food growing and gardening. They’re for everyone, no matter where you are on your growing journey. This resource will take you through the basics, as well as giving you points on running your own seed swap. 

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