From Seeds to Soup: Innovative Ideas for Plant & Share Month

From seed bunting to home grown recipe cards, there are lots of creative ways to bring people together this Spring!

From Seeds to Soup: Innovative Ideas for Plant and Share Month

Greave House Farm Trust is a smallholding that supports adults with learning disabilities or autism through farm work. Located on the outskirts of Sheffield, the farm is home to a few animals, bees, an orchard and a fruit garden. The food they grow on their land is sold locally.

Greave House Farm Trust received a Get Togethers small grant to run a Plant and Share day that welcomed the local community on 1st May 2021.

Inspired by a Get Togethers virtual event

After attending a virtual Food for Life Get Togethers event, Barbara Bristow, co-founder of Greave House Farm Trust, was inspired to run a Plant and Share activity.

Encouraged and excited by our spring campaign that connects with people through gardening activities, Barbara set about planning a community event.

She said: “It was the first event for over a year because of the COVID pandemic … I felt confident that we could do it safely.”

Growing food with the community for Plant and Share Month 

The Plant and Share Day welcomed a diverse mix of local people with a wide range of growing skills. The setting was perfect for skill sharing, friendships to form and confidence to grow. 

Those with more experience taught a young girl how deep to plant carrot seeds. They also showed a parent how to sow seeds, step by step, as she had never done it before. And a 5-year-old boy was also able to grow his favourite veg from seed for the first time – broccoli!  

Seed bunting

Barbara had the creative idea to thread seed packets on a piece of string to make bunting.

The bunting not only looked pretty and welcoming at the entrance of the farm, but also showcased all the seeds in a covid-safe way. They could browse the seeds from a distance and tear off the packet of their choosing!

These boots aren’t just made for walking… 

As part of the event, Barbara organised a ‘Best Planter’ Competition.

“These two young girls brought their grandmother’s old walking boots they had already planted up … which I thought was really nice, so they got the prize!” 

From seeds to soup

Barbara also gave out recipe cards so that people could cook a healthy and delicious dish with ingredients they had grown. They were so popular they had to photocopy more!  

Barbara’s husband, Chris, cooked both a spicy pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin and garlic soup. He used pumpkins grown on their land, aiming to inspire people to reduce food waste during Halloween: “We gave everybody a taste of the soup with a bread roll. And we said, if you like it, take a recipe away with you.”  

Greave House continue to Grow 

Since the Plant and Share Day, Greave House Farm Trust have continued to connect with local people. They’ve also set up a vegetable trolley and hope to run cooking sessions using their home-grown produce in a custom built portacabin kitchen. 

Feeling inspired? 

Plant and Share is a great way to pass on knowledge or learn new skills, make friends and connect with your local community. It is free to register an event. 

For more information, tips and resources, head to our Plant and Share page.  

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