Cook and Share Month Toolkit

Cook and Share is our autumnal campaign that brings people together in a feast of cooking, connection and conversation for when the nights are drawing in.

Whether you’ve on a mission to make the most of produce you've grown from Plant and Share, looking for inspiration on what to do with leftover Halloween pumpkin, or simply wanting some delicious and nutritious autumnal recipes on a budget to cook with friends, family or community, the free to download resources and activity packs are for everyone to enjoy.

Cook and Share will return throughout November 2024, with the toolkit and registration available from October.

Week One: Cooking for People

Halloween and Bonfire Night are the perfect times to bring your loved ones, classmates or community together through hearty and comforting food. We have a whole range of tried-and-tested recipes ready to use, including a sumptuous sausage hotpot or super simple garlic pinwheels.

  1. Sticky Ginger Buns

    Who doesn’t love a sticky bun as a treat? The scents of ground ginger and nutmeg are warming and evoke feelings of autumn days, making these sweet treats perfect to bake at an after-school club or community group.

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  2. Sausage hotpot

    A warming step by step recipe with flavours of paprika and tomato this is the perfect step-by-step recipe for the slow cooker or low and slow on the hob

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  3. Garlic Pinwheels

    A resource that can be used for Bonfire night or Halloween event, you’ll find a tasty garlic & herb pinwheel recipe, hints and tips for things to do this autumn.

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  4. Soup Chooser

    This packed resource will soon become a go-to guide this autumn. It takes you through how to substitute ingredients, basic methods and a step by step recipe too!

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  5. Perfect Pumpkins

    Puzzled by leftover pumpkin? This resource provides plenty of inspiration to use those Halloween leftovers up, from stem to seed.

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Week Two: Cooking for Pleasure

Whether it’s sharing cooking skills or food memories or enjoying a warm fruit crumble on a chilly night, preparing, and eating food can bring joy in so many ways. This week is all about connecting with others and sharing experiences and culture through cooking.

  1. Celebrating Diwali

    This vibrant resource shares stories of Diwali and a tasty Bombay style chickpea recipe

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  2. Carrot Cake

    A classic and forgiving recipe this step-by-step recipe has warming flavours of mixed spice along with citrus.

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  3. Food and Mood

    Eating well can make all the difference to our mental health.

    Some foods directly affect our brain chemistry, others contain nutrients that support our happy hormones. You can learn all about food & mood in this resource.

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  4. Roast Dinner Day

    Roast Dinner Day is an annual day to celebrate school meals as part of the LACA school meals week.
    Roast dinner is a firm favourite on the school menu and this resource gives hits and tips for how to get the best out of the day as well as posters and a colouring sheet.

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Week Three: Cooking for the Planet

This week we focus how food can have a positive impact on the planet, by looking at seasonality, locally grown and organic. As well as handy tips like how volunteering can be a great way to cook and share with your community, school or loved ones.

  1. Bumble

    Don’t worry no bees were harmed in the making of this recipe. This part crumble part flapjack is a warming crowd pleaser.

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  2. Veg Peel Crisps

    Veg peel crisps are a practically free crisp alternative that also help you create a zero-waste kitchen. This simple yet tasty recipe has lots of seasoning and flavour ideas and once you’ve made them once you are sure to make them again!

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  3. Volunteering

    In this resource we look at what volunteering offers not only to the group or organisation who ask for volunteers but the individual themselves as well as giving some tips on how to volunteer and share skills in cooking and food.

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  4. All about apples

    An apple a day… is tasty! In this bumper resource you’ll find fun facts, a little history and a delicious baked apple recipe.

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Week Four: Cooking for the Pocket

With costs rising across the board, this week we pull out some store cupboard showstoppers, speedy staples and simple nutritious recipes to cook creatively on a budget, with the little addition of a simple yet sensational seasonal streusel!

  1. Lentil Ragu

    Hearty, warming and affordable this ragu is the perfect recipe for meat free Monday.

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  2. Slow Cooker Recipes

    As we all feel the pinch of rising costs the slow cooker came back in fashion, this packed resource takes you through batch cooking, freezing guides and much more.

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  3. Festive twist on a mince pie - Streusel

    Christmas can get expensive but it really doesn’t need to be. The best gifts are home made and this streusel will be a hit at festive parties.

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  4. All about seeds and spices

    Ever run out of a spice and not know what you can substitute or wanted to double a recipe with chilli and not sure about quantities? Then look no further than the new spices resource. There is even a delicious tomato kachumber recipe.

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  5. Mushroom and Chestnut Filo Pie

    The festive season is a time to celebrate. This pie is full of festive flavour with the chestnuts and nutmeg. An absolute showstopper.

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