Getting hands-on with herbs

Getting hands-on with herbs

In 2020, Covid put a stop to many activities for The Cedar Foundation, based in Ireland.

But this didn't stop them getting people together for Plant and Share Month, without any participants leaving their own home.

Inclusion Matters, a service within The Cedar Foundation, received a Food for Life Get Togethers Small Grant.

Inclusion Matters support adults with physical and sensory disabilities who are socially isolated to explore social opportunities in their local area. 

The Fermanagh and Omagh area served by the programme is largely rural, meaning that participants face further difficulties with transport.

Using their Small Grant, Inclusion Matters held a home-based activity using herbs. During the lockdown, they distributed herb growing starter packs to participants.

They then held Zoom sessions covering everything there is to know about herbs: how to use them in cooking, where they come from and how to look after them so they thrive!

The activity was a great success. One participant said, "Getting the opportunity to grow at home under guidance has been fantastic, but to actually see your seeds grow into real herbs was something else. Plus, I got to use the herbs in food; adding basil to tomato soup, adding cress to potato salad and freezing the rest for future use. Brilliant idea."

The Cedar Foundation works throughout Northern Ireland to enable people with disabilities to get the most out of life. This includes helping them to feel fully included in their communities.


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