Covid-19 Guidance

Covid-19 Guidance

The pandemic has increased the need for good food and connecting with others, whilst making it more difficult to meet this need. Now more than ever it’s important we support each other and continue to find a way to safely connect through food - be it at home or remotely.
Get Together organisers have found innovative ways of connecting even when we’re apart throughout the pandemic, as shown in some of the fantastic stories from our communities. We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us.
Many more of us have discovered or rediscovered a love for cooking and growing since the pandemic. Growing and cooking healthy food can support your physical and mental wellbeing. Why not get creative in the kitchen using one of our easy-to-follow recipes? Try a warming seasonal soup, the comforting omelette in a mug or basic read bread roll recipe.
Wherever you are and however you are being affected by the pandemic we hope you are taking care of yourselves and each other. At times when we are physically socially distancing, we should have to be lonely.

Always check for the latest advice and regulations before running your Food for Life Get Together activity.

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