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Local partners

We are working with partner organisations across the UK who are as passionate about bringing communities together over food as we are.


Together we will use our shared knowledge and experience to bring Food for Life Get Togethers to people of all ages and backgrounds. Find out more about our local partners below, listed by region.

North of England

  • Illustration for The Furnival in Sheffield

    The Furnival

    The Furnival are working with families whose first language is not English. They will be planting fruit and vegetables in their well-used community centre and in people’s homes while bringing different faiths together to gain a greater understanding of one another.
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  • Illustration for Skillshop in Halifax


    Skillshop provides specialised training for adults with learning disabilities in a caring environment, working to build their self-esteem and break social isolation. They plan on creating a food growing garden with their community at the local secondary school.
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  • Illustration for Age UK Wigan

    Age UK Wigan

    Age UK Wigan Borough will be recruiting local volunteers of all ages who will visit isolated older people in their communities and either cook a meal with them or bring a freshly cooked meal to share. They will also be supporting older people with growing and exploring options to partner with schools and youth organisations.
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  • illustration for Great Manchester Youth Network

    Greater Manchester Youth Network

    Greater Manchester Youth Network work to engage young people with their communities. They plan to develop a community garden and allotment at the local community centre with young and older people who will co-develop a food project.
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  • Illustration for Pickering and Ferens Homes in Hull

    Pickering and Ferens Homes

    Pickering and Ferens Homes work closely with over 60s living in residential accommodation to enable them to live independently long into retirement. They aim to build an intergenerational community around their sites and get children from local schools on board with growing activities.
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  • Illustration for ACE in Cardiff and Vale


    ACE finds a range of creative ways to nurture community assets, connecting them in new ways and putting them to work to tackle local issues and challenges. Their activities will include delivering cooking and growing projects for all ages.
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  • Illustration for Groundwork in Aneurin Bevan


    Groundwork are creating a society of sustainable communities which are vibrant, healthy and safe, which respect the local and global environment and where individuals and enterprise prosper. They will be supporting 65 Get Togethers focussed on growing, cooking and healthy eating.
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  • Illustration for DVSC in Betsi Cadwaladr


    DVSC have recently taken over the local community Market Hall in Ruthin. They plan to host a series of community feasts and a festival of food which celebrates the local food economy, as well as running a pop up food hall, hosting cookery celebrations and workshops on healthy eating.
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  • Illustration for Cardiff Salad Garden

    Cardiff Salad Garden

    Cardiff Salad Garden combine growing and selling fresh cut salad leaves whilst working with disadvantaged groups of individuals from in and around Cardiff. They plan on building a beautiful and inspiring living salad mobile workshop which will provide a welcoming and functional space to bring communities together.
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  • Illustration for Outside Lives in Betsi Cadwaladr

    Outside Lives

    Outside Lives promote personal well-being and inter-generational connections through interests, abilities and the environment. Their Dig In group will be developing a community garden, and their Foodies group will use food to achieve greater integration with new people in a welcoming environment.
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  • Illustration for George Street Primary School in Aneurin Bevan

    George Street Primary School

    George Street Primary School aim to create a safe, nurturing and happy place to be. They will invite, plan and share a meal with residents of local care homes and develop an allotment as to share experiences with the local community with a focus on sharing experiences with grandparents.
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  • Illustration for Maindee Unlimited in Aneurin Bevan

    Maindee Unlimited

    Maindee Unlimited are bringing together a partnership including Maindee Primary School, Community House Eton Road, Incredible Edible Maindee and Maindee  Unlimited. A regular cooking and eating group will be set up at Maindee Library for people of all ages.
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  • Illustration for The Citadel in Edinburgh

    The Citadel

    The Citadel are a youth centre whose community-based approach provides all kinds of young people with learning, leisure and friendship. Their work will include the continued development of their New Spin Intergenerational Café and the running of community events.
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  • illustration for Space & Broomhouse Hub in Edinbugh

    Space & Broomhouse Hub

    Space & the Broomhouse Hub is a community space that offers a café, befriending opportunities for young carers, youth services and a small urban farm. They will host bi-monthly meals where the community can come together to cook local food cheaply and easily while reducing food waste.
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  • illustration for Rumpus Room in Glasgow

    Rumpus Room

    Rumpus Room is an artist led initiative dedicated to collaborative arts practice with children and young people in order to challenge how we play, learn, make art and be active in our communities.  Rumpus Room artists will work with Govanhill Greenspace and Küche  (cooking social enterprise) to host a series of intergenerational creative arts and food workshops.
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  • Illustration of Govanhill Baths in Glasgow

    Govanhill Baths

    Govanhill Baths is a community hub based in the heart of Govanhill providing free health and wellbeing workshops and classes for the local community. They will be hosting intergenerational family picnics, bringing together local families and growers from Govanhill Community Garden.
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  • Illustration for Belville Community Garden in Inverclyde

    Belville Community Gardens

    Belville Community Gardens will be running Uplift Meals - a monthly intergenerational community meal. Participants will use veg and herbs from the gardens which have transformed derelict land into a valuable space for the community with raised beds, a cooking space and a teaching area.
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Northern Ireland

  • Illustration for An Tobar CIC in South Armagh

    An Tobar CIC

    An Tobar CIC, a social enterprise in rural South Armagh provides nature based health and wellbeing interventions for people of all ages and abilities. Through a 20-week intergenerational Grow, Cook & Eat programme and community Get Togethers they aim to increase confidence and build self-esteem and social skills within the community.
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  • Illustration for Ardmonagh Family and Community Group in West Belfast

    Ardmonagh Family & Community Group

    Ardmonagh Family & Community Group located in Turf Lodge supports the needs of the local community. They will deliver a number of growing, cooking and eating activities to bring different generations together to share, learn and breakdown barriers to ageism whilst bringing the wider community together through Get Together events.
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  • Illustration for Spa Nursing Home in Belfast and Ballynahinch

    Spa Nursing Homes

    Spa Nursing Homes provided residential and nursing care for residents in Belfast and Ballynahinch.  With socially distancing measures in place they aim to build an intergeneration community around four of their sites, working in partnership with community organisations, young people and families to develop community food growing, gardens and orchard, cooking and sharing food activities.
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  • Illustration for Wee Chicks in Northern Ireland

    Wee Chicks

    Wee Chicks promote family health, wellbeing and fitness through childcare. They will develop their Wee & Wise project connecting older people and early years through a series of weekly good food focused activities including cooking, arts, crafts and the development of an on-site growing space.
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  • Illustration for Dane View Care Home in Leicester City

    Dane View Care Home

    Dane View Care Home have a beautiful landscaped garden and orchid. They invite pupils from a local primary school in to spend time with the residents. Fruit from the orchid provides food for these activities, and the large chapel on site will be used to bring people together to share food.
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  • Illustration for Active Wellbeing Society in Birmingham

    The Active Wellbeing Society

    The Active Wellbeing Society aim to bring people together to take part in fun, free activities that will help them to feel a sense of belonging and community. They will run weekly workshops across their community kitchens to bring together young people, older adults and young families.
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  • Illustration for Bread in Common in Stoke on Trent

    Bread in Common

    Bread in Common is a community-led real bread bakery. They run a pop-up café and deliver community meals using waste food and a number of communities, school and young people’s projects combining workshops around bread and cooking with the arts.
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  • Illustration for Sycamore Dining in Nottingham

    Sycamore Dining

    Sycamore Dining brings people together to socialise over an affordable meal. Their customers are predominantly from independent living communities for the elderly. With Get Togethers, they will increase the diversity of the people using their social dining service through involvement in social prescribing.
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  • Illustration for The Hothouse in Walsall

    The Hothouse

    The Hothouse is a Church of England project that benefits communities by offering one to one support. They also facilitate weekly intergenerational activities so people of different ages can all learn from each other. Through cooking activities they will raise awareness of how food can build a sense of community.
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