Keeping connected during Covid

5 ways to stay connected and Covid-safe. 

Keeping connected during Covid

Many of the community leads we work with have had more meaningful connections with their community groups since the lockdown. But how? Here are our top 5 examples of staying connected in creative and Covid-safe ways.


“Thinking small is sometimes a good thing. Previously it was about getting as many people in as possible. Being forced to operate activities with smaller numbers has led to stronger relationships being developed.” Hothouse, Midlands


  1. 1. Cook along at home

Thanks to the power of technology, we can come together from our own kitchens. The brilliant Broomhouse group have been running online cook-a-long sessions with service users. Ingredients can be sent to members, who come together online to make a weekly dish. These sessions are filmed, and the videos shared with members who can use them again and again.


  1. 2. Bring generations together – remotely

Like many of us, Cregagh Nursing Home spent summer 2020 growing.  They harvested their produce to create a Snack Box for a women’s centre to share with their families. The children then drew pictures and wrote letters to the residents to say thank you. Linking children up with a local care home is a brilliant way of forming a connection between different generations.


  1. 3. Prepare food packages

Having a food package arrive is enough to lift anyone’s spirits and the perfect way to share the comfort of good food. Why not make like Broomhouse and deliver afternoon tea packages? Dementia daycare users enjoyed theirs with their carers and families and were delighted to receive a treat.


  1. 4. Team up

With so many adaptations being made at the moment, community groups need new skills. This doesn’t have to mean going it alone. An Tober, a community group in Northern Ireland who focus on wellbeing using nature, are an example of strength in numbers. After identifying a need for technical support amongst service users, they teamed up with another local group who specialise in this field.

  1. 5. Skill up on sustainability

If activities have been paused, why not use this time to explore some of the resources we have available on sustainability. Then when you’re back in action you’ll have all the skills you need to throw a climate and nature friendly Get Together for your community!


Whatever you’re doing to stay connected at the moment, we love to see what you’re up to. Join our Facebook Community and share your snaps using #FFLGetTogethers, and be sure to join our mailing list to be the first to hear about resources and ideas,

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