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Getting outside and growing with your community not only boosts mental and physical health, but being outdoors is the perfect place to hold a Get Together activity. 

  1. Growing activities for Plant and Share Month

    Whether you're looking for ideas for your next growing activity or you're taking part in Plant and Share Month, take a read of this short case study of Greave House Farm Trust.
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  2. Growing in Urban Spaces

    Find out how a thriving gardening group in Leicester utilised green space to grow food in urban areas.
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  3. illustration of two people chopping vegetables - one man and one woman

    Cooking ideas using food pollinated by bees and insects

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  4. Everything about bees

    Bees are vital in helping produce the food we eat. Get all the resources you need to learn and support them here.
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  5. Community growing for Plant and Share Month

    Stoke Letting in the Light are a community gardening group, who bring people together to grow food. They recently ran a Food for Life Get Togethers event for Plant and Share Month.
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  6. Plant and Share Toolkit

    Everything you need to get your Plant and Share Month activities off the ground - growing cards, plant labels, top tips and more!
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  7. Climate and nature-friendly growing

    Growing your own fruit or vegetables as part of your Get Together activities is an easy, affordable way to eat organically.
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Growing food and plants is a great way to get ready for your next Get Together activity with fruit, vegetables or herbs you’ve grown yourselves.

Here are some activity ideas and guidance to get you started.  Dig in!

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