Resources about bees

Bees are vital in helping produce the food we eat. Quite simply they are the superhero of any allotment, garden or farm.

In this Plant and Share resource we will learn all about the different common species of bee in the UK , some of the jobs they have in our natural world and some simple things we can do to help them carry out their important role in the biodiversity of our planet.

We have created three new resources.

Bees, Biodiversity and pollination

We are buzzing about bees this Plant and Share month, quite literally. These super clever insects help pollinate a third of our food and in this resource, we learn all about biodiversity, what pollination is and the different types of bees that can be found in the UK.

Download the resource here

Bee Identification

Want to know your bumble from your honey and learn about where bees nest? Spoiler it isn't always in a hive! Then check out this bee identification resource, it comes with a ready to go work sheet so you can get out and about this Plant and Share month to discover the bees in your local area.

Get your bee identification kit here

Bee facts

Now we have learned about the types of bees in the UK and all about biodiversity and pollination this next resource helps us learn how we can all bee kind and help bees. Not only that, it is packed with fun bee facts that would make any after school club, lesson or club buzz with information.

Bee facts download sheet

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