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Small Grants Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Small Grants

Requirements for applying 

  1. We will decline any grant applications where there is no organisational or community group bank account to transfer the grant into.   
  2.  If you have previously received a small grant, you are unable to reapply,  but partner organisations/settings that you are working with are able to apply. 
  3. We are only able to award one grant per organisation. For example, if you are a national organisation but have regional branches and one branch receives a grant other branches cannot apply.  
  4. You must register your¬†planned activity¬†by submitting the ‚ÄėRegister Event‚Äô form¬†on our website¬†before¬†applying.¬†Sign up here.
  5. We won't consider any applications which involve promoting any corporate organisation, political activities or promoting any religious beliefs. We will consider projects led by religious organisations if they're for the good of the whole community. 
  6. We won‚Äôt consider projects that have already happened or will be finished before the grant payment can be made. ‚ÄĮ¬†
  7. Application activities must support our  Plant and Share Event (Apr-May 2022). 


Spending of the grant funding 

  1. The grant cannot be transferred to another third party.  
  2. The grant may be used only for the purposes outlined by your organisation in your grant application as approved by the Food for Life Get Togethers. We understand that activities sometimes change as they develop or may be cancelled. If you are unable to use the grant for the specific purpose for which it was intended and significant changes are likely to be made please contact us before spending any portion of the grant. 
  3. Grants must be spent within 6 months of receipt.  
  4. We will be carrying out financial safeguarding checks on a sample of successful applicants. Therefore, we request the right to receive your proof of purchase in the form of receipts. We will expect to see receipts within 14 working days from the date requested. 


Evaluation and press 

  1. We expect that any press releases referencing the work funded be forwarded to the Food for Life Get Togethers Team.  
  2. Any publicity of the grant funded activity must reference Food for Life Get Togethers and The National Lottery Community Fund.  
  3. We will send you evaluation surveys following your activity which we expect you to complete.  We may also contact you to ask you to take part in a case study or for further updates after the project is over. 



  1. We will require repayment of a grant if you become insolvent or go into administration, receivership or liquidation. 
  2. If your organisation does not meet the requirements set out in this document, then we reserve the right to reclaim some, or all, of the grant at any time. 
  3. The safety of everyone attending your Get Together is extremely important. Use your own organisation’s policies and procedures to ensure you think about the related risks, including the safeguarding of children or young people or adults at-risk attending your activity.  


Health and Safety Considerations 

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